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Meet Hannah!

Hannah Williams spends her money on bridesmaid dresses, concert tickets, and renown Chicago cuisine. Residing from Beavercreek, OH (which does not have a creek named "beaver"), she is a Chicago-based actress with a BFA in Theatre and Communications from Olivet Nazarene University.

She has most recently performed with The Right Brain Project, Prop Thtr, Big Noise Theatre, Oil Lamp Theatre, Citadel Theatre, 20% Theatre, and The Waltzing Mechanics.

If she's not performing, you can find Hannah making her latest inspired art project in her apartment, watching The Office (again), listening to conspiracy theory podcasts, or live-streaming with her best friends on Youtube. She loves her cat and her floral Doc Marten's.

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Current/ Upcoming Projects: 

Odessa by Michaela Heidemann

Role: Dariya

with The Right Brain Project, directed by Colin David

Set in the catacombs beneath Odessa, Ukraine. A seemingly endless network of underground tunnels, it’s the largest catacomb system in the world. The story centers around Andrew, an American journalist, and Dariya, a Ukrainian scammer. Andrew has been drugged and left for dead in the catacombs by Dariya and her cohorts, but Dariya returns for him. As they attempt to escape this underground labyrinth, they get more and more lost... and the catacombs appear to have a mind of their own. Will they learn the value of teamwork? Will they find love in the most unexpected of places? Will their flashlights run out of batteries, leaving them to die in a cold, infinite abyss, their bodies not to be found for two years? Join us to find out!

September 14th - October 6th

Otherworld Theatre in The Alchemists Lab: 3914 N Clark Street, Chicago IL