Youtube Channel: Hogwarts Reacts 


Not too long ago, one of my good friends found out that I had never seen the hit TV show, Game of Thrones. Being an avid fan, he asked not only if I would watch Game of Thrones, but he also asked if he could film my reactions. Thinking that no one in their right mind would spend time watching me react to a television show, I agreed. A few months after we finished the entire series, he started uploading our videos to Youtube. The channel is called 'Hogwarts Reacts' because my friends call me Hogwarts. There's another Hannah in the group, and I just so happen to be a huge Harry Potter fan - so the nickname eliminates confusion. Plus it's pretty awesome, right? 

With a combination of the incredible editing and the personalities of me and my friends, we were able to build a loyal following! We actually started to expand the channel by adding more lifestyle content including Q&A's, book club, various bonus videos, and vlogs. 

We've had so much fun interacting with the Youtube community that I will soon be reacting to other TV shows with the rest of my crew. Stay tuned! Up next is Stranger Things, Westworld, and Lost.

Above is the intro video to our channel, and if you click the link below, you can access the full channel with hundreds of videos! Enjoy!