‘Odessa’ at The Right Brain Project

“Williams, too is put through the wringer during the show. At first cold and apparently detached (except for the fact that she did, after all, return for him), Dariya is just mysterious enough that we don’t know quite what she is thinking or why she is acting as she does, and Williams plays her with both a sparkle and an underlying sense of menace.” - Karen Topham with Chicago on Stage

“Excellent performances from both Hulick and Williams…” - Karen Topham with Chicago on Stage

“Heidemann’s dialogue runs the gamut from comic to highly dramatic, and Hulick and Williams are adept at both.” - Karen Topham with Chicago on Stage

“Actors Hannah Williams and Logan Hulick drive this play forward with unrelenting commitment… Williams and Hulick’s performances are riveting. Together they demonstrate a level of sophistication that holds our attention.” - Terry Boyle with Irish American News

“Hannah Williams plays the Ukrainian baby gangster to the hilt- she is sardonic and abrasive, except when she reveals that she is just as vulnerable as the American journalist.” - Kerstin Broockman with Chicago Stage Standard

“Hulick and Williams offer relentless commitment and specificity, harnessing the intimacy and authenticity. It’s the actors’ commitment to make every moment count as they climb and slide and fake bleed around the theater that makes it both meaningful and enveloping.” - Bec Willett with PerformInk

“Both Williams and Hulick excel at negotiating not only the physical landscape of ramps and platforms in the small dark space, but also the shift in tone from mundane joking to deeper rage.” - Kerry Reid with Windy City Times

'Raised in Captivity' at The Right Brain Project:

"Hannah Williams (Bernadette) and Joel Collins (Sebastian) are studies in opposition. She is all manic energy and prone both to histrionics and sudden changes of attitude; her character is brilliant but a total mess." - Karen Topham with Chicago on Stage

"Hannah Williams (Bernadette) races through a roller coaster of emotional swings with intense frenetic energy. With each new scene she reveals yet another layer to her character and draws us into the complexities of a woman cursed with the modern neurosis of free-floating anxiety." - Terry Boyle with Irish American News

"Hannah Williams (forlorn, but hopeful)... William's guilt-ridden sadsack sistser artfully impersonates a walking wounded sibling." - Lawrence Bommer with Stage and Cinema

"Hannah Williams as the brittle Bernadette fully embodies the awkwardness of the situation as she is trailed by her handbag-nursing husband, Kip." - Bec Willette with PerformInk

‘Don’t Dress for Dinner’ at Citadel Theatre:

“Bernard has hired a chef to prepare the fabulous dinner for the evening and her name is Suzette(the very sexy and comical Hannah Williams, who pretty much steals the show)….” – Al Bresloff with Around the Town Chicago

“Suzette, the frumpy young cook sent by the catering agency, is beautifully played by Hannah Williams. The actress has a comic field day as her character learns each eccentric demand of her made by Bernard and Robert. Watching this shy young lady evolve into a sexy, take-charge mistress of the evening is the highlight of this production, thanks to the engaging, talented and very likable Ms. Williams.” – Colin Douglas with Chicago Theatre Review


‘Proof’ at Oil Lamp Theatre:

“All four actors were deep into the characters and they played well off each other.” – Al Bresloff with Around the Town Chica