‘Don’t Dress for Dinner’ at Citadel Theatre:

“Bernard has hired a chef to prepare the fabulous dinner for the evening and her name is Suzette(the very sexy and comical Hannah Williams, who pretty much steals the show)….” – Al Bresloff with Around the Town Chicago

“Suzette, the frumpy young cook sent by the catering agency, is beautifully played by Hannah Williams. The actress has a comic field day as her character learns each eccentric demand of her made by Bernard and Robert. Watching this shy young lady evolve into a sexy, take-charge mistress of the evening is the highlight of this production, thanks to the engaging, talented and very likable Ms. Williams.” – Colin Douglas with Chicago Theatre Review


‘Proof’ at Oil Lamp Theatre:

“All four actors were deep into the characters and they played well off each other.” – Al Bresloff with Around the Town Chicagov